Keanu Reeves When Plastic Surgery Works

Keanu at some props for doing something few celebrities before him have been able to do, but how many others out there looking good as Keanu?. C is a lot of plastic surgery celeb stories out there (Nicole Kidman bat face, Christian Slater carebear watch, and Jocelyn Wildenstein er nuff said!), But we never recognize who has the right to know? Take for example Keanu Reeve hes one of those celeb whos been sliding into the depths of middle-aged rather nice, given the tens of thousands Im sure hes spent visiting his surgeon. At the ripe ol age of 45 (right), Keanu looks just a day older than 30 (left). And he does not have the tight-as-a-babys-bottom-face bat boxtox gaze upon him, or.

30.1.09 13:41

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